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Provide your clients increased shipment visibility

and grow your business exponentially.

White label Web/Mobile application solution for freight forwarders powered by CargoWise One Data.

Top Benefits

Choosing SFL Insights white label web & mobile solutions has many benefits.

 Boost Sales & Revenue.

The data provided by SFL Insights helps improve operational efficiencies to support more customers.

 Customized Interface

Branding that reflects your identity. The interface will be customized to suit your brand guidelines with changeable splash screens, illustrations, icons, background strips and colours.

Better Customer Experience

Offering your clients an application to access their information on any device demonstrates a commitment that you are investing in tools that are dedicated to your client experience.

View all your shipment related data real time through any device.
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A new way to display shipment visibility, tracking, analytics, notifications, and updates that include document viewing, uploads, and display of shipment milestones.

Customer Support

For every mode – Sea, Air, Road

Real-time visibility and communication

Real-time notifications and display of milestones

Upload and share documents

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Clients we have served

Provide your clients real-time shipment visibility from any device at anytime

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Customization we have done for our clients

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We Support All Devices. So use the app anywhere, anytime


''The My-MTS, mobile application developed for us by SFL enables us to offer great value to our clients. It’s state-of-the-art visibility tool, complemented by easy-to-use interface and blog''

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Do you have to be an existing CargoWise customer?

Yes, you have to be an existing CargoWise customer

How does Insights get my CargoWise Data?

SFL Insights get CargoWise Data through CW E-Adpator & our API.

Is Data shown Realtime?

SFL Insights can be setup this way but we recommend it to be every 24 hours

Is my Data secure?

We host the application on a server provided by you. Our development is secured on AWS & more details can be provided on request. 

What compliance is followed:

ISO certification & GDPR compliance is followed.

What Support will I get Post-Go Live?

Training requests, Technical Trouble shooting, & Cw Consulting to optimize the application

How frequently does the software get upgrades?

Major enhancements updates will take place every 2 months. Minor enhancements updates will be made monthly.

How is SFL insights tracking superior to direct carrier websites?

We have 2 sources of Data

  1. CargoWise One – This draws information from the applications direct connectivity to all major shipping lines.
    Includes Origin/Destination & Customer specific Milestones setup in your CW One System
  2. Sea Rates – Visualization & Geo Position in a map view
    Real time vessel positioning with a route visualizer.


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