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Supply chain visibility trends 2023

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In logistics, supply chain visibility refers to the ability to track and monitor the movement of goods and materials throughout the entire supply chain process, from the point of origin…

How can you use digital tool stack for your business growth

| Technology | No Comments
How many apps and software tools does your small business utilize? You might have a tool for every job, but does each one increase staff productivity or increase corporate turnover?…

What is container tracking and how important is it for freight forwarders?

| Industry | No Comments
In the shipping process, there is a lot of uncertainty because the shipping procedure is drawn out, difficult and error prone. Due to this uncertainty, it is important to keep…

SFL Insights How To: A Web/Mobile app for Freight Forwarders for Shipment Visibility

| Product | No Comments
The supply chain and freight forwarding industry is a fast-paced industry and one that faces many crises. The demand for the industry is increasing at a rapid rate and the…


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