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SFLI Features and Benefits

Web and Mobile Functionality

With web and mobile capability of the platform freight forwarders can allow their customers to access their data at any time and from any device.

One stop app that offers mobile functionality for shipment visibility, milestone tracking, document viewing, and other features.

Stakeholders can interact, communicate, and stay updated at any time thanks to this functionality.

White label App

A freight forwarder’s product, SFL Insights, offers shipment visibility while displaying its branding. Your brand identity can be reflected in SFL Insights through customization. The app will receive a new design with customizable splash screens, icons, backdrop strips, and graphics based on your brand guidelines.

You can leverage SFL insights as your own application to offer supply chain management while improving the customer experience. This app may be used to sell your business while also benefiting your users.


You have the option to link any resource department of your company in the Home section! We may incorporate your freight forwarding company’s website or the resources part you want your customers to have access to.

Let your clients be updated about industry insights or company insights.

Request for quotes module

This module enables your customers to browse sailing schedules and submit bids with or without logging in. There are two functions in this module;

Inquiry form functionality 

For all of your clients, the inquiry form functionality is available. Your customers can send questions based on the mode of transportation thanks to this functionality. 

Your customer support team can respond to enquiries after they are made and can use the information gathered for lead creation. 

Request for quotes

Users can only view this functionality after logging into the product, and it is only accessible to those users who have login credentials. Your customers will be able to view sailing timetables for origin and destination thanks to this service.

Before choosing an option and making an inquiry, clients will have the chance to review the transit dates, dates of arrival, and anticipated departure dates. Clients can submit inquiries depending on their choices after entering the necessary data and analyzing the various sailing schedules.

Shipment details

One click will provide you access to all of your clients’ shipments in one location. Clients who use the shipping function may keep track of all Pre-Loaded, In Transit, and Arrived shipments, giving them visibility into their shipments. This covers all deliveries made by courier, road, rail, sea, and air. This module incorporates a variety of features;

Search shipment

If there is a specific shipment about which your clients need updates, all they have to do is use the app’s search feature, which is included in this module.

Details of the shipment

This function is precisely as the name implies. It enables clients to receive a summary of all the shipment’s specifics. 


Clients can receive live milestone notifications through email for the desktop version and push notifications for the mobile. Customers can choose to enable notifications for the shipments they want to be informed about.


Freight forwarders will be able create gesture-based milestone displays with the Milestones feature. This applies to every stage along the road, not simply from port to port. Your customers can easily plan their business operations by viewing shipping information in detail thanks to the milestones you provide.

Track on a map

Your customers may view real-time updates of every cargo or shipment and follow its progress with this functionality. Users can check the milestones of each shipment by clicking a button within the track on the map. The ATD and ATA of each cargo will be shown in addition to the map.


The internal operations teams and the client can both utilize this feature in two different ways. The operations staff can share any essential documentation with the clients and provide updates on the status of their shipments. Additionally, your clients can use the app to upload documents to E-Docs.

Statement of Accounts

Provide clients a peek at their statement of accounts with this module. Clients can grasp the payment due dates, invoiced date, invoiced amount, outstanding payments and also download any invoice on the specific shipment based on the invoice number and shipment number.

Through API Connectivity, this function can also establish a connection to a payment gateway. You may use the app itself to process and receive payments.


Offer data analytics for business insight to your clients. You may give your clients an overview of all of their shipments using the SFL Insights dashboard.

Clients will be able to analyze shipment information using the analytics dashboard to use supply chain insight to make proactive decisions. 

User Management

Clients can control who has access to the app using this functionality.


SFL Insights offers a live chat feature in this module’s customer care section. Clients can directly communicate with the account manager handling a specific client’s WhatsApp through a direct link, or they can use API Integration to connect to an external chatbot.

This functionality enables direct communication for updates between your staff and clients. Being able to inform clients of potential dangers and keep them informed might help to ensure client happiness in a fast-paced sector.