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The supply chain and freight forwarding industry is a fast-paced industry and one that faces many crises. The demand for the industry is increasing at a rapid rate and the necessity to provide efficient services to survive in the industry is also increasing. Many companies in the industry have innovated new technology solutions to provide real-time data to enhance the services offered by freight forwarders.

SFL Insights is one of these solutions introduced by Soft Freight Logic. What is SFL Insights?

SFL insights is a web/mobile application for freight forwarders powered by CargoWise One Data to provide enhanced shipment visibility for their clients. SFL Insights is available via any device at any time providing real-time shipment data to clients. The app is a one-stop app where freight forwarders can access shipment details from any mode around the world, communicate in real time, access statements of accounts, view analytics and many more.

SFL Insights features

Web and Mobile functionality

SFL Insights has both Web and Mobile functionality allowing customers to access their data through any device at any time. SFL Insights is the only solution in the market that provides mobile functionality to provide shipment visibility, milestones tracking, document viewing, and many more.

This function enables stakeholders to connect, communicate, and be updated at any time. Clients can communicate with ground staff and take prompt decisions if needed. This helps clients mitigate risks and anticipate any risk that may occur.

White Label app

SFL Insights is a freight forwarders solutions to provide shipment visibility while reflecting its branding. SFL Insights can be customized to reflect your brand identity. Based on your brand guidelines, the app will have a new outlook with changeable splash screens, icons, background strips and illustrations.

SFL insights can be used as your own application to provide supply chain management while increasing the experience of your clients. This app can be used as a marketing tool for your brand while adding value to your clients.

Check out how we can customize SFL Insights to your branding:


In the Home section, you have the ability to link any resource section of your business! We can integrate the website of your freight forwarding business or the resource section you want your clients to access.

Request for Quotes Module

This module allows your clients to request for quotes with or without logging in and also view sailing schedules. This module consists of two functionalities;

1. Inquiry Form Functionality

The inquiry form functionality is available for all your clients. Through this functionality, your clients can send inquiries based on the transportation method. This includes all four transportation modes, sea, air, rail, and road.

After inquiries are made your customer service team can attend to the inquiry and also will be able to use the collected data for lead generation. This data can be used to reach out for trade lane opportunities or deep selling sales opportunities.

2. Request for quotes

This functionality is only available for users who have login credentials and will only be able to view it after logging into the product. Through this feature, your clients will be able to see sailing schedules for origin and destination.

This feature allows clients to view schedules from earlier departure dates or the latest arrival date. Clients will have the opportunity to analyse the transit dates, dates of arrival, and estimated dates of departure before selecting an option and inquiring. After inputting the required data, and analysing the multiple sailing schedules available, the clients will be able to inquire based on what they select.

Shipment Details

All shipments of your clients at one place, accessible within one click. The shipment feature provides shipment visibility for clients by allowing clients to monitor all Pre-Loaded, In Transit, and Arrived shipments. This includes all shipments by Air, Sea, Road, Rail, and Courier. There are many features incorporated within this module;

1. Search shipment

This module includes a search section where if there’s a specific shipment your clients need to be updated on, all they have to do is search on the app. Clients can search shipments based on their ID, FBL, LBL, PO number, MBL number, and many more to access the necessary information.

2. Filter searches

All shipments can be filtered via the transport mode, container type, ETA, and ETD. This function is available in this module and also on the analytics dashboard.

3. Milestones

With the Milestones feature, freight forwarders will be able to display milestones with gestures. Clients can be notified of each milestone of the shipment. This is not just port to port but rather on each step of the way. By providing milestones, your clients can view shipment information in detail so they can plan their business operations with ease.

4. Track on map

Through this feature, your clients can view real-time updates of any shipment and track along the route. With a click of a button within the track on map, users can also view the milestones of each shipment. Along with the map, the ETD and ETA of each shipment will be indicated as well.

5. Notifications

The live notification feature in the Shipment details module lets clients get notified about milestones via push notifications for the mobile app and via email for the desktop version. The clients have the flexibility to turn on notifications on the shipments they want to get notified on.

6. Details of the shipment

This feature is exactly what the name suggests it to be. It allows clients to have a summary of all the details of the shipment. Including the type, carrier, container number, weight, volume, shipper, House and master Bill of Lading, Inco term, order reference number, goods description and more!

7. Documents

This function can be used in two ways by the internal operations teams and the client. The operations teams can update the clients on shipment status and share any necessary documents with the client. And your clients have the ability to upload documents on to E-Docs via the app.

It’s not just drawing from E-Docs and representing documents that are on E-Docs but clients can also upload and save on E-Docs connected to particular shipments.

Statement of account

With this module, you can provide clients with an overlook into their statement of accounts. Based on the invoice number, and the shipment number, clients can have an understanding of the payment due dates, invoiced date, invoiced amount, and also download any invoice on the specific shipment. Most importantly, it shows the outstanding balance of each invoice related to the specific shipment.

This function also has the ability to connect to a payment gateway through API Connectivity. This provides you to receive payments and process payments via the app itself.


Provide your clients with data analytics for business intelligence. With the SFL Insights dashboard, you can provide your clients with a summary of all their shipments. This includes the total invoice amount, delivered, loaded-in transit shipments, shipping type, number of total shipments based on mode, average transit times and many more.

With the analytics dashboard, clients will be able to analyse shipment details to make proactive decisions through supply chain intelligence. They also can filter the dashboard analytics based on transport mode, container type, and ETA and ETD.

User Management

This functionality allows clients to manage the users who have access to the app.


This module is a customer service component where SFL Insights provides a live chat functionality. Clients can connect a direct link to the WhatsApp of the accounts manager handling a specific client or connect to an external chatbot via API Integration.

This functionality allows your team and clients to have direct communication for updates. In a fast paced industry having the ability to notify customers and update them on any risks can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

PO Management Module

Directly connected to the CargoWise PO Management module, with SFL Insights your clients can now manage all Purchase Orders.

With this module buyers can create new orders, shippers can approve orders, and agents can create shipping plans.

How does integration work?

Using SFL Insights is super easy. SFL Insights is available as a desktop version and as a web and mobile app. SFL Insights is available for use through any device and can be downloaded via the App Store for Apple users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

Watch our demo to find out how you can use the software

SFL Insights is available for free for any user who’s looking to try out the product. The free desktop demo version can be accessed via the website and all you need to do is contact to get free demo credentials to sign in to the app.

After you sign in to SFL Insights, you can try out the features of the app and connect with a product specialist if you’re interested in integrating SFL Insights into your business.

And finally, why should freight forwarders choose SFL Insights?

SFL Insights allows freight forwarders to provide exceptional customer service and also save your teams time spent on manual tasks allowing them to focus on providing customer-centric solutions. Your sales team will be able to provide tools that can enhance the customer experience increasing sales opportunities and allowing you the opportunity to stand apart from competitors.

Operations and finance teams will have an exception management tool with the ability to manage and upload documents allowing them to integrate operations and work seamlessly.

SFL Insights is available via any device providing your clients convenience with increased shipment visibility for prompt decision-making and to create robust supply chains.

SFL Insights is created by Soft Freight Logic, CargoWise experts with CargoWise Platinum Status over the last 5 years and have been in the industry for more than 15 years. Our Platinum integration capabilities are used to seamlessly transfer your CargoWise One data onto the application through API connectivity. The expertise of the CargoWise ERP enabled us to create the best solution in the market to increase shipment visibility.

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